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Swipe Right




I started out in ministry in a great church. I was really blessed. The leadership believed in me. The youth were kind to me. And the youth team I inherited had my back. Well, all 5 of them.

The team was small, but good. They were busy, but reliable. They gave much, and asked for little in return. See I had inherited a team that loved our youth, and were ready for a new season. I was 21. Naive. My first stint in ministry. And I thought I knew what to do. BUILD A TEAM. It’s what all the good youth pastor books said.

So I did. I asked anybody and everybody. Anybody that wanted to serve could. Anybody that wanted to help could. Anybody that was at least willing to turn up once could come be a leader. I was desperate. See we had started to see some good growth and over the space of three years our youth group grew from 12 churched kids & 10 un-churched kids to 60 churched kids and 50 un-churched kids!! It was crazy! Youth were turning up. Kids were bringing friends. One small group group even grew by 300% in six weeks! We had NO IDEA what to do! I needed leaders. I needed help.


Swipe Right. Swipe Right. Swipe Right.


I was at a place where I would take anybody. If they passed the criminal record check, they were in.
And this was when God told me to stop.

See the church can be a place where we often take what what we can get. In positions of leadership, you often ask the question of “where can I find volunteers?”  Volunteers are pivotal in a healthy ministry. Yet, we often take anybody. Let me encourage but challenge you to re-think.

Everybody has a gift.
Everybody’s gift will bless the Church.
But not everybody’s gift will thrive in youth ministry.

Maybe instead of swiping right to every volunteer, why not ask God to bring the right people into your ministry?
Be patient, have faith and watch your volunteers grow and disciple youth well.

Next week we are going to look at how to approach someone you think would be a great youth leader.


Your friend,

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