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When the disciples thought Jesus was on a date.


What is your most memorable experience?

Was it the time you climbed a gruelling hike to the peak of a mountain?
Or went deep sea diving with thousands of tropical fish?
Or skydiving from thousands of feet, plummeting at speed towards the earth below?
Or set a new course record on Mario Kart?

These are all great memorable experiences (I’ve done two of them). See when we do something that is awesome, we tend to remember it. I remembered once bowling the perfect 300 on Wii Sports… and I never let my brothers forget it!

See when we experience something of great value, we cherish it. It is not simply something that we know in our head, but we embed it in our hearts.

I want to share with you a story about a woman who’s life changed over a glass of water. Talk about a memorable experience…

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This is one of my favourite stories in the Bible and let me tell you why!

Firstly, a little context.

Did you know that ‘The Well’ was the modern equivalent of a coffee shop? And I don’t mean like people went there to connect to Wifi, take insta worthy photos and pretend green tea latte’s are nice. No. This was the dating scene. See ‘The Well’ was the place that you would go to meet a man or a woman. It was a hot-spot for finding ‘the one.’ Jesus knew this and so did the disciples. See this tradition was embedded in their Jewish history.

Abraham met Sarah at a well.
Jacob met Rachel at a well.

And Issac… well he didn’t go himself, but he sent his servant to a well, where he found Rebekah.

Jesus was not supposed to talk to this woman.
Firstly because she was a samaritan. And Samaritans and Jews, let’s just say, were not the best of friends.
And secondly, she was a woman! AND a woman AT A WELL!

Red Flag Jesus! What are you thinking?!

But Jesus knew what he was doing,and he knew this woman’s situation.
He knew why she was there.

It is the middle of the day, the sun is scorching, and it is not a ‘water-collecting time’. But she can’t go at any other point because she has a reputation. She is known as ‘that woman’. Her reputation means that she has to collect water at a time of day when nobody else would be around. And she was not expecting to bump into anyone, let alone Jesus.

Jesus strikes up this conversation about thirst. But not about the normal type of thirst that you and I get when we’ve finished a bag of salted popcorn. He was talking about a deeper thirst. The desire to be fully satisfied. See this woman was putting her satisfaction in men, and was being hurt time and time again. But Jesus offered her an alternative. He offered her God. He tells her that when she is satisfied by God, there will be no need to chase after satisfaction from other things that were hurting her! This women has a life-changing experience with Jesus! She is set free from oppression, and given life to the full through Jesus.

I wonder what you are thirsting after?
I wonder if you have been left unsatisfied with the water you have been drinking?

See when we thirst after God, he meets our every need!
We are never left unsatisfied!
He is always enough!

A real experience with Jesus brings life! And a life that is adventurous and satisfying!
Maybe today, you need to ask God to fill you again, or fill you for the first time.


Your friend,


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