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Are you missing out?

It’s Friday night, you have no plans and you’ve just taken a break from binge watching Riverdale to scroll through your Instagram feed when you see it: a photo of your friends hanging out without you.

Why didn’t anyone invite you? Why does it look like they’re having so much fun? What are they doing later? Should I text them?
What if no-one responds?

Sounds like a classic case of FOMO.

We have a bit of a problem.
Many of us suffer with the fear that we are missing out on fun that we should be having.
Fun that we deserve to be a part of.
With people’s lives being so freely shared through social media, blogs, and vlogs; life has become instantaneous. I need things now. I want things now. And if others are having these experiences without me then it is a major problem.

FOMO is not a new issue, but has been exaggerated over the last 10 years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that seeing everyone’s digital highlight reel can lead to depressive feelings. The main factor is a well-established psychological phenomenon, “social comparison.”

I wonder if you relate?

Last week I had the privilege to speak to our youth on this topic. As I was preparing for the talk it struck me, “what if the feelings of FOMO transferred to faith?” Imagine having the feelings of FOMO but not in a way that made you anxious or depressed, but in a way that made you hungry for more of God, and of what He is doing.

Story Time:
At church a couple weeks ago we hosted a conference called The Holy Spirit Encounter and on the Saturday night I was asked to lead worship. The plan was worship time would be at the start of the night and then there would be a talk and some group prayer time. So knowing it was a Saturday night, the chances that my friends would be hanging out or something would be going on was very high and I started to feel FOMO! So I decided that as I was only asked to lead worship, I would sneak away during the talk and go hang out with my friends. Seriously people…. The FOMO was taking over.

So 7:30 came around, worship time was over, I unplugged my guitar and left the stage. I thought, “I still have a bit of time, so I’ll listen to the first part of the talk and then sneak away quietly.” And then it happened… I GOT FOMO! But not the normal type of “oh my gosh what are my friends doing fomo”… I got GOD-FOMO. Like seriously. I was sitting in the chair. And the longer I sat, the longer my FOMO grew. I said to myself “I CANNOT LEAVE”. I knew that God was about to do something incredible, and I didn’t want to miss out. And He did.

All around me people were being healed (15 to be exact), seeing visions, hearing from God, growing in faith, being soaked in the love of God and it was INCREDIBLE!! I was so happy I didn’t go home. I was so happy I stayed. Because I would have missed out on a movement of God. And really when it comes to FOMO and GOD-FOMO, there is no comparison. I would much rather miss out on a trip to the cinema, coffee with friends, or a night of NHL, than miss out on an overwhelming movement and presence of God!

Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
Isaiah 43

Are you hungry for the new things of God?
Are you being distracted by life’s FOMO’s that you don’t have any GOD-FOMO?
Start again today.
Ask God what new things he is doing.
Be faithful in prayer. Be faithful in word. Be faithful in action.

Something brand-new is coming, don’t you see it?


Your friend,

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