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Extra Ordinary [Vol 1.0]

Matthew 1

||   It’s been a couple months.
I’ve missed you.  ||

This blog has been quiet for a couple months as I’ve been trying to process what it’s purpose is. I’ve been drawn into a new style of blogging which may feel ordinary, BUT I believe there is so much extra in the ordinary. I’ve been working through the New Testament alongside some of my youth which has been awesome! Every day we read a new chapter and we write down the thoughts, dreams, questions, struggles, joys and opportunities we see in Scripture. It has been a great adventure and I believe there is beauty and power in reading your bible and listening to God speak. Writer & Pastor, Charles Spurgeon once declared that Christians must “tend to their sword”. He wasn’t talking about a real sword with handle and blade, but the Bible. That the Bible is the only weapon a Christian is given to fight against Satan. So as we journey on this new season I hope that you will be encouraged to open your Bible, dust off the blade, and tend to your sword.

This blog in essence will be simple.
I will post a link to a section of the Bible.
Ask you to read it.
And simply give my insights.
Some thoughts might remind you of what you already know, & others might be new and spark some extra imagination into your reading.

We are going to work through the New Testament Together, and we will begin with Matthew 1.

So, settle your mind, get comfy, turn down the noise and read with me.

I am not going to lie. Growing up this was probably the most skipped chapter in my Bible, particularly the family tree. Name after name after name after name. YAWN. Why bother?!

However I decided to do something new. I was encouraged that before I read any scripture, to ask God to speak to me (and help me listen!) All of a sudden, the large openings of my mouth which were once yawns, had now become WOW’s.

So, a couple insights into chapter one which made me go wow.

Firstly, why have a family tree?
Because it lays down some facts!
It says, ‘this is what happened, exactly how it happened.’
Matthew starts his book by saying, this is TRUE.

Secondly, did you ever notice that Jesus family tree was not his biological family tree?

** “Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus who is called the Messiah.

The redemption story of humanity, God making things right with his people, the story of generations turning back to God, WAS JESUS ADOPTED FAMILY!!

It was his Dad’s family tree. It was Joseph’s line. God saved us by adoption.

Thirdly, Jesus name means “GOD SAVES”. Legit. Jesus name literally meant what he did. How awesome is that?!

That’s it for chapter one.
Why not comment below on what God spoke to you about?
I hope you have been encouraged to tend to your sword.
I’m excited about this journey together.

Your friend,

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