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Extra Ordinary [Vol 1.2]

Matthew 8

|| The pace has sped up ||

Matthew over the last few chapters has been scribbling hard as he unpacks for us Jesus teaching on sex, money, revenge and more… Go read Matthew 5-7 to find out what I’m talking about.

Today though we are going to look at a small section from Matthew 8 which is crazy! So, settle your mind, get comfy, turn down the noise and read with me.

I was about 12 years old, and I had just arrived in Canada for a vacation with my family. We were picked up from the airport and were driving back to our friends home. Out of nowhere, it began to storm. Thunder, lightening, rain, hail and darkness. Everything went dark. The wipers on the car were going at full speed but you could only see 5 yards ahead of the car. It was scary. We thought that the best course of action was to stop and wait out the storm… it’s not as if we could have told it to be still, could we?

In Matthew 8 we read this story of Jesus and his disciples on a boat in the middle of the lake when out of nowhere a fierce storm strikes!

|| 1 ||  The men in the boat were scared.

Jesus disciples were no strangers to the lake, or to storms for that matter. Many of his disciples were professional fisherman and had likely faced a number of storms in the past. But this one was different. It was so bad they felt like they were going to drown. They only knew one thing to do: run to Jesus.

|| 2 ||  Jesus was sleeping.

JESUS WAS SLEEPING! Is he for real?! This is the biggest storm that the disciples had ever faced, so big that they feared for their life… and Jesus was sleeping! I for one am a heavy sleeper. I know this because I can sleep anywhere. And by anywhere I literally mean anywhere. I once slept in a telephone box. Enough said.

But I don’t think Jesus was a heavy sleeper, or that he had taken a couple sleeping pills to make the journey more bearable. No. Jesus was sleeping because STORMS DON’T SHAKE HIM.

|| 3 || Jesus stopped the storm.

I’m not sure what you are like after waking up. I am not a pretty picture. I am not a morning person. I’m the kind of guy who sets 5 alarms and slowly wakes up. Jesus however wakes up, asks the disciples directly why they are afraid (THERE’S A STORM JESUS) and then with utmost authority, tells the storm to stop. And it is calm.

Jesus tells the worst storm that the disciples have ever experienced to simply stop. He commands, and it is done.

The disciples were amazed and ask each other, “Who is this man?”

What’s your storm?
Are you running to Jesus, the storm stiller?
Have you ever asked ‘who is this man’ that holds all authority?

I hope this gives you something to chew on today as you read God’s word.
Why not comment below on what God spoke to you about?
Let me 
encourage you to run to Jesus in every storm.

Your friend,

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